Hi, I’m Dan Sperry.  I understand coffee can be a very acquired taste – like Blue Cheese. Coffee may not be for everybody and those that do enjoy coffee, if you’re like me, are very particular about their java.  Let me tell you a little bit about how my lust for not just coffee but the best coffee came to be…

I remember having my first cup of coffee at age 7. It was at a school meeting of some kind I was attending with my mom. The meeting was more for the parents so I was running around causing mischief when I came across the coffee and tea table that was set out for the grown ups. I had always wanted to try coffee…so in an effort to either show off to the other kids or maybe it was just out of my own uncontrollable impulsive curiosity – or more likely it was both – I fixed myself a cup of black coffee. I burnt my tongue. I fell in love.

Ever since that time I have been a self proclaimed coffee junkie – an addict to the most extreme degree.  I drink more coffee than any normal human can consume.  I also travel the world.  As I am creating this blog I’m in the amazing city of Budapest, Hungary.  Because of my travels I always seek out the best coffee from all over the world.  I’ve decided to take you with me, at least via the Internet, so I can share and review what I find to be some of the best coffee from various locations around the world.