Americano coffee in Serbia

27 November 2013 in Coffee In Europe, Hotel Coffee


I will have to say this…it is a very unlikely surprise to find a nice cup of coffee in — of all places — Novi Sad, Serbia!

This morning I actually woke up early enough to make it to breakfast at our hotel here in Novi Sad.  I took in a deep breath and asked for a cup of coffee – FILTER coffee (that’s what they also call “American” coffee – not to be confused with an “Americano”)  Anyway…I was amazed and delighted to actually get a decent cup of coffee!  Not too strong, but also not too light.  This is a great morning coffee.  A nice medium blend, tasted fresh and not too acidic.  I added just a splash of milk to my first cup – but by my second cup no milk or sugar was needed.  Just like the story of Goldielocks and the Three Bears this cup was JUST RIGHT.

I ordered up a full pot and have now brought it back to the hotel room where I’ve continued working on some things and doing so with the aid of my magic elixir.


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27 November 2013 Coffee In Europe, Hotel Coffee