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24 November 2013 in Coffee In Europe, Uncategorized, USA


When traveling in other countries sometimes all I really crave is just a REAL cup of coffee…and when I say REAL cup of coffee I mean like a real drip / filter blend of AMERICAN coffee.  The kind we make cups up on cups of at home.  I’ll be honest with you…this is truly my “White Whale”.  It is almost IMPOSSIBLE to try to find one of those just good ol’ cups of joe that hits your pallet just right.  I often just give up on trying to find it and settle for a latte or straight up espresso.

There is something about an Americano that just isn’t right.  It never settles right with me in the sense that it never tastes just quite the way it should…never has and I dont think it ever will.  You see because anywhere BUT in America when you order a cup of coffee genearlly this means like a Latte or something like that.  When you ask for an Americano coffee…you basically get an espresso with steaming hot water poured over it…then you can add milk and sugar if you need.  This is a horrible frankenstein way of creating a cup of coffee in my opinion.  Its a bad mix.  Bad form all around.

So you can imagine my surprise when at my hotel today: The Danubuis Hotel in Budapest, Hungary that as a ordered an Americano I had my reservations.  And as I just stated I was VERY surprised to taste a really well made Americano.  I’m already on my second cup and I will be back for more later.  Now is it as good as going home and getting a coffee from my house?  NO.  Is it as good as even going to Denny’s or Ihop and getting a good old fashion cup of coffee at the diner and just zoning out into daydream land?  HELL NO.  – BUT — this is as close as I’ve come on these 3 months on tour in Europe through nearly a half dozen countries.

Well done Budapest.



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24 November 2013 Coffee In Europe, Uncategorized, USA