Avoid it

26 November 2013 in Coffee In Europe, Gas Station Coffee



So we’re driving through Hungary on our way into Serbia.  The tour bus stops for a quick coffee break and for us to grab some snacks or something in the event we would get stopped at the border going into Serbia and be stuck there for a few hours…which has happened.

We venture in and pick up a few things…and notice a cafe type counter with coffee machines etc behind it.  You can probably imagine my sinking feeling of depression as I soon realize my attempt to order a coffee will be reduced to “latte”, “espresso”, or “cappuccino”.  Or POSSIBLY “Tea”…but what are we?  animals?

I decided cappucccino would be best because that seemed to be what everybody else was getting and I reluctantly decide in my head that perhaps the guy behind the counter is on a roll and I probably should’t do anything that could mess up his mojo with coffee making.  We order two cappuccinos and then pray.

If you like cinnamon flavored water…this is the place for you.




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