Brother Thomas Coffee

10 January 2014 in Australia Coffee, Coffee Shops, Hotel Coffee, Uncategorized

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This morning I thought I would try something a little different and stopped into this place called Brother Thomas Coffee in Melbourne…

It is right on Williams Street and it is really a great little coffee shop.  The staff was EXTREMELY friendly – like as in they were just cool people.  Pleasant and outgoing which made for some nice small talk and chat while they prepared your coffee and in my case eggs on toast.  I had a long black and it was made perfectly.  The eggs on toast were AMAZING as well.  The other cool feature was their complimentary water — I know that sounds like its not really a big deal but it was a cool touch that they had plus you got to choose if you wanted still water or sparkling water and they’d just bring the bottle over to your table and serve you up as you waited.  Really really cool.  I highly recommend this place if you’re in the area – I know I’ll be stopping back tomorrow morning as well!

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Rating 5/5



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