Disney Coffee

15 December 2013 in Hotel Coffee, USA


After being on tour for 10 weeks throughout Europe I suppose it is needless to say that I’m VERY happy to be home and back in the good ol’ USA.  After a few days at home in Las Vegas we headed down to our favorite vacation place: DISNEY WORLD in Orlando, Florida.  As always we make it a point to stay on property.  This trip we stayed at the Dolphin of the Swan and Dolphin hotels on Epcot property in the Walt Disney World Resort.  One of the things I’ve always loved about staying at Disney is the ability to head to the lobby to the little market inside of their hotels to get a nice cup of coffee in the morning.  I was very surprised and saddened to realize both that the “coffee bar” inside the Dolphin was less than desirable and that the coffee they served was even worse.

The coffee basically tasted like hot coffee flavored water.  I usually like to just add a slight drop of milk or cream into my coffee – here I didn’t even need to do this much because it was so horribly made and made with such a weak blend I literally almost wept.  The place that makes me the happiest to experience almost made me come to tears in disappointment.  To make matters worse the coffee inside their parks have made a lateral “upgrade” to serving Starbucks coffee.  Which isn’t really an upgrade to what they were serving before.  They went from weak brewed and under flavored to over roasted and burnt and now also OVERPRICED by having Starbucks on their property.

Boo Hiss.

I give them 1/5



15 December 2013 Hotel Coffee, USA