Melbourne Coffee #1

6 January 2014 in Australia Coffee, Coffee Shops, Hotel Coffee

I’m on tour right no in Melbourne, Australia and I have to say out of every city I’ve been to in this country THIS ONE is my all time favorite.  Such a beautiful and cultural place!  Also they have a HUGE coffee culture here which is great!  Upon my arrival I knew I wouldn’t have to go far to find a decent java…even the “small chain” of coffee places can do it justice!

I found it interesting too that Starbucks tried to get a start going here and the people revolted!  There still are a few here and there if you look hard enough – but you have to look hard.  So instead I just decided to go around the corner from my hotel room to get my first coffee at a little cafe place that had a big sign in the window says Cirvelli coffee…whatever that means.  So I popped inside and got myself a Long Black (which is basically just an Americano) with a bit of cold milk on the side to pour into it to see if I needed to lessen the blow…you see I was preparing myself for a blast of dark black life sucking brew.

To my surprise I really didn’t need the milk but also the brew wasn’t too bad either…it was like a little Mary Poppins of coffee – practically perfect in every way!  photo 1

This is now my first stop every morning on my way to walk to the theater.  I get a nice serving of eggs on toast and a much anticipated coffee.  I’ve tried looking for the name of this place everywhere but I don’t see a sign.  It is on the corner of Williams street – you should check it out should you get the chance!

photo 2Roast Rating 5/5!



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