Mr. Brown…In a Can

23 November 2013 in Coffee In Europe, Uncategorized


Mr. Brown Coffee (hilarious, right?) originally came out way back in 1982 and was released by the “King Car Company” (how do you get coffee from that??) in Taiwan back in 1982.  There is also a company in Germany that distributes this coffee as well as one in America, the Sunny Maid Corp., though I have only seen Mr. Brown Coffees in specialty and high end grocery stores in the USA.

They sell various flavored blends of coffee: original, espresso, cappuccino, vanilla, Colombian, Macadamia nut, and Blue Mountain Style…though this review is only for the “Original” flavor.


I have had these Mr. Brown coffee drinks at various times in the past – mostly on past tours in Europe when a can of Nescafe or when I’m really scraping the bottom of the barrel a “double shot” is not available.  For a coffee drink it is OK…I mean the flavor is minimal and the strength is on the weak side.  It sort of falls into one of those “coffee flavored milk drinks” than really a coffee drink.  It is also a bit too sweet for my taste.  Had the espresso blend been available I would have gotten that one but, sadly it was not, so I had to go with just the standard “coffee” blend.

Overall I rate this coffee pretty low.  I really have no idea why I torture myself with this coffee…it is one of those things that I keep going back to when I see it — THINKING that it will taste better or be stronger and it consistently never is.  But, if  you’re the type of person who enjoys a sweeter more sugar laced coffee beverage this is the coffee for you.  As for me?  I think I’ve learned my lesson this last time…




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23 November 2013 Coffee In Europe, Uncategorized