About Us

best coffee onlineBefore I go into the little story behind the history of Zombie Java let me fist take a second to say thank you for visiting this web site. I am very excited about this and I hope that my excitement along with the taste of this high quality coffee becomes infectious. I understand coffee can be a very acquired taste – like Blue Cheese. Coffee may not be for everybody and those that do enjoy coffee, if you’re like me, are very particular about their java. I have put a lot of effort into finding not only the best tasting but also the most unique presentation of coffee to bring to consumers. I hope that you will enjoy it and become one of our zombies.

I remember having my first cup of coffee at age 7. It was at a school meeting of some kind I was attending with my mom. The meeting was more for the parents so I was running around causing mischief when I came across the coffee and tea table that was set out for the grown ups. I had always wanted to try coffee…so in an effort to either show off to the other kids or maybe it was just out of my own uncontrollable impulsive curiosity – or more likely it was both – I fixed myself a cup of black coffee. I burnt my tongue. I fell in love.

Since then I continued to drink coffee and as I grew into my teens coffee became a regular part of my daily routine. I became somewhat of a coffee aficionado you may say. I found the brands I liked and knew the ones I didn’t. I developed my own way of brewing it – knowing how much to brew at a time, how long I’d let it sit, etc.

best coffeeNow fast forward to summer of 2012 when I was on tour in South America. We were enjoying some of the best coffee in the world. Every time I go on tour I always look forward to trying how the coffee is in each of the locations I tour to. It was while in South America I toyed with the idea of creating my own brand. I kind of became the coffee authority among our group.

I started doing some research and emailing many different coffee importers and exporters. The name Zombie Java just popped into my head and after I put out a half-serious Twitter post about it and saw the incredible response it was then I decided I’m going to seriously look into this. Not just as a way to bring great coffee to myself personally but as a way to share great coffee with my fans, friends, family, and now new customers.

Although we are brand new the response has been overwhelming and we will strive to bring great coffee and new flavors to our customers as we continue to grow.

I really hope you enjoy this coffee and thank you again for visiting zombie-java.com – and remember: “Caffeine isn’t a drug, its a vitamin!”