Our Coffee

We didn’t want to just be some novelty coffee brand where you just slap a sticker on some trade show give-away style pre-packaged pre-made nasty bag of coffee that gets drop shipped from Hong Kong. The number one priority of Zombie Java is to be a high quality gourmet coffee brand that just happens to have a cool look and uber cool name. So we searched out many different companies all over the world. The problem was that visiting the warehouses and roasting facilities was next to impossible because so many of these companies were in places like India, China, etc. They probably make “passable” coffee and outsourcing it sure would be kind to our bottom line – BUT – we never wanted to “sell out” like that.

worlds best coffeeSo what did we do? We searched out a source right here in the USA. An ALL-AMERICAN coffee company right in the greatest city in the world: NEW YORK CITY. Our coffee importer is the oldest coffee importer in the USA, has been in the coffee industry for over 150 years and also fits into another important category: it has been family run for the past 8 generations. We get our coffee direct from the fields in Colombia, Argentina, and other quality coffee destinations.

best coffee on the internetEach bag of Zombie Java coffee is hand filled, hand packaged, and hand inspected before getting boxed up and shipped out. Fresh coffee beans arrive in our warehouse daily so you get maximum freshness in every bag. Extreme care and caution is taken in each step of the way to guarantee our whole bean coffees don’t arrive with broken beans – just open the bag and take a look. Your whole bean coffee is exactly that: whole bean coffee.

Our roasting is done with expert precision and care as to not over roast our beans. We’ve all had those cups of coffee that tastes like somebody put a cigarette out in our mouth because the beans were over roasted and burnt. You will notice that our coffee is always perfect, always smooth, and never tastes like a dirty diaper.